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Alex Davis

Alex Davis, PhD



PhD, Behavioral Decision Research,
Carnegie Mellon University, 2012
MS, Behavioral Decision Research,
Carnegie Mellon University, 2009
BS, Psychology,
Northern Arizona University, 2007

Alexander Davis, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. Davis teaches graduate courses in applied data analysis and stochastic discrete choice models. He is a member of the Behavior, Decision, and Policy Group, the Carnegie Electricity Industry Center (CEIC), and the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making (CEDM). He is currently CMU’s acting director of a multi-year, multi-institutional research project on the relationship between science and proven experience. His work is published broadly in peer-reviewed journals such as Energy Policy, Nature Climate Change, Applied Energy, and the PNAS. Prior to joining the faculty, Davis worked as a postdoctoral fellow and research scientist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Research Interests

The behavioral foundations of policy, applied to innovation and entrepreneurship, energy, the environment, health, and information and communication technologies.


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